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Gain insight into the daily practice and wellness journeys of the world’s experts in nutrition, healing, holistic beauty and more. Live The Process interviews some of the most inspiring individuals who have made wellness their life calling.


A Moment with Super Human Earth

Super Human Earth wants to help you find harmony within. Founder Dr. Isabel Sharkar knew early that traditional Western medicine was too inflexible to suit her creative impulses and, ultimately,…

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A Moment With Leah Adams

Leah Adams wants to bring you home – to yourself. Even as a child, she gravitated towards connecting to nature and compassion. But it was when she sought out yoga as a respite from her hectic fashion world work that she truly found her calling: Adams became a yoga instructor and ayurvedic wellness counselor who also incorporates meditation, Western science and Chinese medicine Meridian Theory into her practice, helping others reset and heal.

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A Moment With Jenni Kayne

For Jenni Kayne, design is a calling that came early. By the age of 19, she had started her eponymous collection, which has come to epitomize—if not define—California’s soft minimal aesthetic…

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A Moment With Morgan Yakus

For Morgan Yakus, creativity comes in many forms. The longtime fashion industry insider, who—among other things—cofounded chic clog and clothing line, No. 6, has been drawn to healing since childhood…

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A Moment With Christopher Taha

Christopher Taha wants everyone to chill. Leaving a more paint-by-numbers life plan behind, in 2013, he drew on his California upbringing and opened healthy, tasty, relaxed Bushwick, Brooklyn restaurant, Summers. Since then, the concept has grown…

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A Moment With Megan Huylo

Megan Huylo wants to nourish you. The chef, cooking instructor and culinary consultant first discovered the link between food and health during a childhood health crisis. That experience would later catapult her into the world of plant-based cuisine…

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A Moment With Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown understands your needs. Like many natural skincare proponents, the onetime marketing and PR executive for companies such as Nike and E & J Gallo wines was drawn to the non-toxic beauty world after confronting her own health and complexion challenges…

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Cindy DiPrima (left) and Kerrilynn Pamer (right) of CAP Beauty in their West Village spa/retail location. New York, NY (August 2015). Photo © John von Pamer

A Moment With CAP Beauty

Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima are leading the charge for radical self-care. And they’re looking chic doing it. The longtime friends and New York-based co-founders of CAP Beauty each came to her passion for wellness via personal experience: DiPrima experienced a great loss; Pamer experienced health problems…

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A Moment With Chakra Earthsong

Chakra Earthsong has always approached life differently. Since childhood, she had been a seeker with an imperative to find her own method of doing things. Then, as an adult living in Ojai, California, she stumbled upon a way to help others improve their well-being…

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