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Gain insight into the latest in holistic health, fitness and clean food with personal perspectives by experts from chefs to yogis. Whether recommending recipes for plant-based protein shakes, yoga poses to improve sleep or herb and exercise regimens to strengthen the body, Nourish + Build offers simple and easy tips to integrate into ones life.

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A Glimpse at the Soma x The Writing Bottle Collab

My name is: Tania Debono.  I’m known for being: I am a multimedia artist best known by my pseudonym, TheWriting; and for my typography work with words in bold monochromatic strokes of…

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A Glimpse at Chef Kelly Liken’s Elemental Culinary Series

My name is: Kelly Liken.  I’m known for being: three-time James Beard Best Chef nominee, Top Chef and Iron Chef alum, and current chef/owner of Harvest by Kelly Liken in Edwards, Colorado….

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How To: Add Resistance To Your Workout

More and more people are venturing into the weight room and adding resistance training to their workout programs. There are many fun and challenging techniques to incorporate. Whether you are relatively new to weights or a seasoned lifter, these techniques are great for aesthetic results and can add variety and enjoyment to your programs…

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How To: Mini Root Veggie Latkes

Here’s a fun recipe for super healthy, super colorful and super tasty Mini Root Vegetable Latkes or Bird Nests. The three of us developed this dish this past summer when we were looking for something to do with a bunch of…

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A Glimpse At East By West London

MY NAME IS: Jasmine Hemsley. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: “Jack-of-all-trades” according to my mum! And founder of Hemsley + Hemsley and East by West London, inspiring people globally to shift their perspectives on conscious, healthy and joyful eating…

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A Glimpse At The New Lux Multi-Cooker

MY NAME IS: Mary Israel. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: A product manager at Fagor. I’M HELPING TO LAUNCH: The new Champagne and Copper-colored Fagor Lux Multi-Cooker…

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A Glimpse At Rotenburo Air Bathing Ritual

MY NAME IS: Francoise Decatrel. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: Founder of Amayori. I’M LAUNCHING: Amayori’s new aromatherapy fragrance collection, Rotenburo Air…

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A Glimpse At Saffron Rose Scrub

MY NAME IS: Shiva Rose. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: The curator of the holistic lifestyle website, The Local Rose, and the alchemist for the non-toxic beauty line, Shiva Rose. I’M LAUNCHING: My Saffron Rose Face Scrub…

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A Glimpse At Spa Nalai + MNDFL

MY NAME IS: Amy Olthoff. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: Spa director at Park Hyatt New York’s Spa Nalai. I’M HELPING TO LAUNCH: Spa Nalai’s collaboration with New York City’s premier meditation studio…

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