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Gain insight into the latest in holistic beauty, health and style with personal perspectives by experts from estheticians to herbalists. Whether about alkalining the body, rolling with seasonal changes or balancing skin with the right essential oils, Primp + Shine offers simple and easy tips to integrate into ones life.


Therapeutic Perfume For Autumn Transitions

Fall is a season of transition—you can see it in the leaves and feel it in the air. It’s a time of physical, environmental and energetic shifts that, according to the ancient holistic medicinal system of Ayurveda, give the time of year its “vata” qualities: dry, rough, windy, erratic and cool…

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Seeing Beauty

As the seasons change, leaving the flushed, frenetic summer and bringing the refreshing respite of autumn breezes, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on beauty in all of its simplicity and complexity…

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How To: Make Lemon-Aid

This beautiful season brings the rich, earthy colors of autumn leaves and begins the festive run of holidays. However, this time of year, our bodies are also exposed to a host of stresses…

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A Conversation With Paula Ferraro + Kassia Meador

Our very own Kassia Meador sits down with her soul sister, Paula Ferraro—an alchemical artist and creator of essential oil skincare and wellness line, Scents of Awe—for a chat about embracing nature, rejecting fear and raising butterflies for a better tomorrow…

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A Glimpse At Osmosis SPF 30 Facial Moisturizer

MY NAME IS: Ben Johnson, MD. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: CEO of Osmosis Skincare. I’M HELPING TO LAUNCH: Osmosis Skincare’s Protect Ultra Sheer SPF 30 Facial Moisturizer. YOU CAN FIND IT AT: Osmosis is sold all over the web through authorized e-commerce retailers…

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A Glimpse At Peak Beard Theory

MY NAME IS: Seth Wiley. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: A film and TV director, and a guy with a beard. I’M HELPING TO LAUNCH:
Peak Beard Theory, a line of socially responsible, sustainable, artisan beard oils…

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A Glimpse At The Marmara Hammam

MY NAME IS: Savas Cebeci. I’M KNOWN FOR BEING: A licensed manual therapist and personal trainer; and the practitioner at the Marmara Park Avenue hammam. I’M HELPING TO LAUNCH: Wellness services…

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How To: DIY Blemish-Fighting Facial Scrub

This Blemish-Fighting Facial Scrub offers a nice exfoliation for normal to combination skin to slough off old skin cells and leave skin looking fresh. It’s gentle and also helps reduce scars and irritations. The lavender, in particular, is antibacterial and helps to combat blemishes and heal…

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A Glimpse At Van Court

OUR NAMES ARE: Ruth Kallens and Jessica Washick. WE ARE INDIVIDUALLY KNOWN FOR BEING: RK: the owner and founder of Van Court, and a nail-obsessed social marketer with a weakness for my dogs and a deep love for natural body oil…

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