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How To: Charred Avocado Salad

As November marches on, we begin to get excited for our upcoming Thanksgiving meals. Holidays can be fraught, but—in its best incarnation—this particular gathering is about appreciating the bounty of food and love that surrounds us…

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How To: Rolled Omelette With Arugula & Avocado Salad

What does it mean to be “well”? When I think about wellness, a myriad of definitions surface, most of them focused on the external or physical body: fitness, weight, beauty, aesthetics, fashion. Especially living in LA, there’s this sort of unspoken assumption that we should always…

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How To: Chickpea Avocado-Tahini Purée

My Soup Cleanse Cookbook—just released at the end of August—is really about how small steps can make a difference in your health. I hope to help people reunite with the peace and ease of eating with simple recipes…

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A Conversation With Cayli Cavaco Reck + Natane Boudreau

This summer, my best friend from in utero, Cayli Cavaco Reck, launched amazing pop-up shop, Knockout Beauty. And I couldn’t be prouder. In the mid 1970s and 80s, we were raised by Buddhist, macrobiotic, pioneering fashion stylists and lifelong best friends…

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A Conversation With Chelsea Leyland + Fernanda De La Puente

On a fateful trip to Tulum, British actress and DJ Chelsea Leyland met Peruvian Jivamukti Yoga teacher, eating psychology and nutrition coach and actress, Fernanda de la Puente. They made an instant connection and have been buddies ever since. So, when Leyland got set to launch her limited edition bodysuit…

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A Conversation With High Court + Alissa Wagner

Starting today, Colleen and Hailey Brooks are unveiling a short-term sample of their highly anticipated Lower Manhattan social house experience, High Court Happenings. The four-day experience will involve…

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How To: Keep Control In A Stressful World

Family, work, kids, health, wealth and happiness. In life, there is so much to do and so little time to do it. We want to be perfect and excel in everything we do, and we compare ourselves to others to see how well we are doing. After all, the mark of success is doing better…

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A Discussion With Yes Way Rosé + Michele Ouellet

Erica Blumenthal: To start, please tell the world why you love rosé so much? Michele Ouellet: Rosé makes people happy! Besides the obvious, it’s food-friendly, versatile, light, fresh, crisp and the best way to up the happiness level in your life. EB: What is your rosé-making process…

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A Conversation With Mickey Sumner + Topaz Page-Green

On April 5th, Live The Process will co-present a curated evening of wellness to support The Lunchbox Fund’s mission to foster education through nutrition for at-risk children in South Africa.

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