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The Great Escape

“Childhood summers are about ease and fun, escaping into nature, long days and warm nights. As adults, we struggle more to unwind, unplug and take space. That’s where retreats come in—periods of ti...
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No Worries

Sarah Polansky wants to melt your stress away. The founder of Prismatic Plants—a line of stress-busting plant medicine products including a brand new Melt body serum—talks reducing worry, facing th...
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In Love with Alexis Smart

“With an open heart, there is so much joy,” says Alexis Smart. The flower remedy practitioner describes her In Love remedy and the powerful abounding swell of love it can generate—for self, for oth...
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Love Grows

For Adora Winquist, the heart is “the very essence of our own personal universe.” Here, the healer/teacher shares the impetus for her new book, Detox Nourish Activate, which invites readers to be “...
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Ohm My

“Finding balance is a way of moving through life with curiosity,” says Selena Maisonpierre. The yogi and radiance coach shares her journey to helping others trust the messages their bodies send
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In Chant

Dejah Gomez is the Empress of Sound. Via her new mantra album, the LA healer and songstress works to help others experience “bliss, elevation and pure self-expression.”
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AllSwell That Ends Well

“On the page, you come home to yourself,” says Laura Rubin, the LA-based founder of AllSwell. The dedicated surfer and lifetime scribbler spreads the good word about her new launches and the many b...
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A Deep Dive

“Our process is the beauty of the human experience,” says psychotherapist, Julia Childs Heyl. I found a deep reverence for...  
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Crystal Light

Crystal grounding with crystal shepherdess, model, writer and muse, Ashley Abbott. The magic and beauty of...
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