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Collective Grounding

I am a seer and a way show-er; I build and actualize what I see. I am a channel for Spirit, and that is how I create...
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Higher Ground

One of the most joyful feelings in my work is supporting someone to feel free again. It is an incredible feeling to know...
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You Tell You The Truth

It’s so rare to find a space where no one is trying to fix you or come up with a solution to your problems. We’re in this culture where...
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Upholding Our Floracracy

My name is: Sarah-Eva Marchese. I’m known for being: Someone who believes in the power of a good idea.  I'm talking about: Floracracy. You can find it at:  Before I created this c...
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A Candle with Siblings

We’ve made it easy to make a clean candle—clean for your home, clean for the environment and clean for your health. Simply melt our...
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“The Soul of Purpose”

Purpose is your blueprint to success, to unlocking your God-given talents and to understanding your exact place in the universe. It's also a gift that brings meaning and fulfillment...
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Theory of Care

I needed some relief from the anxiety I was experiencing during Covid. My pal sent some studies asserting that saffron might be an effective alternative...
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A Review of “Happy Not Perfect”

My name is: Poppy Jamie. My book is called: Happy Not Perfect: Upgrade Your Mind, Challenge Your Thoughts and Free Yourself From Anxiety.  The publication date is: June 8, 2021 — available for pre-...
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