A Review of “Huddle”

My name is: Brooke Baldwin. My book is called: Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power (April 6, 2021). My background before becoming an author was: I just celebrated 20 years as a journal...
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A Review of “Radiant Rest”

My name is: Tracee Stanley. My book is called: Radiant Rest (March 9, 2021!). My background before becoming an author was: I am a former Hollywood film producer, who has produced over 40 films. Lu...
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Drinking It In: Goodnight Moon Tea

My name is: Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG). I’m known for being: Founder of Supernatural, HRBLS, and an herbalism educator.  I'm talking about: Goodnight Moon Tea! You can find it at: Goodnight Moon...
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Ancestral Moon Healing with Juliana Luna

Many Black people in the Western world struggle with the inability to know where we truly came from due to the effects of slavery. It’s a shared reality between Black Americans, Caribbeans and Sout...
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A Deep Dive into The Moon

Since the time when we first launched Live The Process, we’ve been fortunate enough to share stories with, learn from and offer a platform to a fearless and committed group of people, who use their...
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Food For Thought with Feed Your Glow

My name is: Sua Park. I’m known for being: Founder of Feed Your Glow. I'm talking about: Feed Your Glow is all about eating and living with intention. Your skin is an outer reflection of your...
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Breathing in Light with Ana Lilia

My name is: Ana Lilia. I'm talking about: I’m a breathwork coach and intuitive healer. I guide people to connect intimately with their breath when they are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. I do...
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Processing “Trauma”

My name is: Dr. Pedram Shojai. My docuseries is called: Trauma: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life. You can watch it on: My relatively new streaming service, whole.tv! The live event ended in earl...
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Young Self-Love

My name is: Alexandra Mazerolle a.k.a. Ally Maz. I’m known for being: A yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher on Open, as well as the founder of teen girl yoga movement, Girlvana Yoga.  I'm ta...
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