Breathing in Light with Ana Lilia

My name is: Ana Lilia. I'm talking about: I’m a breathwork coach and intuitive healer. I guide people to connect intimately with their breath when they are feeling stressed out or overwhelmed. I do...
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Processing “Trauma”

My name is: Dr. Pedram Shojai. My docuseries is called: Trauma: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Life. You can watch it on: My relatively new streaming service, whole.tv! The live event ended in earl...
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Young Self-Love

My name is: Alexandra Mazerolle a.k.a. Ally Maz. I’m known for being: A yoga, meditation and breathwork teacher on Open, as well as the founder of teen girl yoga movement, Girlvana Yoga.  I'm ta...
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Fighting Anxiety with Arrae Calm

Our names are: Siffat Haider and Nish Samantray. We're known for being: Co-founders of targeted supplement line, Arrae. Siffat is also the CEO. I'm talking about: Arrae Calm Alchemy Capsules. You ...
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The Fix: Amy White

My name is: Amy White. I’m known as: An intuitive medium, channel and truthbomb dropper. My expertise is in: All things “woo-woo,” but focused on channeling a group of energy that calls themselves...
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A Look Ahead with Intuitive Medium Amy White

According to Amy White, “The shift is here now.” The intuitive medium, coach/speaker and bestselling author, who once tried to block out her spiritual gifts, found a true outlet for them in helping...
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A Little Give: Lexy Monaco

My name is: Lexy Monaco. I’m known for being: Digital brand manager at Live the Process. For me, giving back to the world and my loved ones is important because: We rise by lifting each other up. ...
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To Give & Receive

Life is an echo. To put it simply, what you send out comes back around. What you give, you get. What you see in others exists in you. Giving can’t exist without receiving. When we give to others, ...
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