The Fix: Jenn Tardif

My name is: Jenn Tardif. I’m known as: The founder of 3rd Ritual. My expertise is in: Mindfulness, aromatherapy and yoga. For me, the “Divine Feminine” is: Female friendships, maternal instincts an...
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The Fix: Shea Marie

My name is: Shea Marie. I’m known as Founder of Same & The Feelist. My expertise is in: Brand building and creative direction. I stay physically healthy with: Yoga every morning. I like to star...
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The Fix: Monica Simone

My name is: Monica Simone. The name that I was given in the Mayan tradition is Abuela (Grandmother) Ak’bal Tlahuilquiahuitl. I’m known as: A spiritual leader, writer and wellness expert.  My experi...
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Finding Divinity with Monica Simone

Monica Simone wants to help you rediscover your divinity. The Argentine spiritual leader (or x’min in Mayan) at Chable Yucatán, a boutique five-star wellness resort in the Yucatan peninsula, first ...
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A Deep Dive into The Divine Feminine

Since the time when we first launched Live The Process, we’ve been fortunate enough to share stories with, learn from and offer a platform to a fearless and committed group of people, who use their...
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With Love From HeartRise

Jessie May Wolfe is all heart. After struggling with meditation herself, the healer began to see that, without moving through emotional blockages, there could be no forward momentum. Ultimately, th...
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How Divine

IThe valley spirit never dies; It is the woman, primal mother. Her gateway is the root of heaven and earth. It is like a veil barely seen. Use it; it will never fail. —Lao Tsu, Tao te Ching   We al...
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The Fix: Renata Helfman

My name is: Renata Helfmam. I’m known as: Founder and executive director of Lipstick Angels. My expertise is in: Philanthropy and lipgloss—ha!  I stay physically healthy with: My peloton, a vegetar...
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