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This January, we are Giving The Process: For each of the first 30 days of the month, we’re highlighting something—and someone—amazing in the wellness world, representing the beauty, health, style, creative, energetic and/or spiritual boost you need to start the New Year as your most positive and inspired self. On January 31, two charmed readers will win one of every item and ritual we highlight, including a $1,000 gift card for Live The Process!

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit—enter here, follow us on Instagram and nominate a deserving friend or loved one in comments—to make 2019 about a fresh outlook and complete self-care.

Today’s gift is Private Pilates with Erika Bloom.

My name is: Erika Bloom.

I’m known for being: a Pilates and holistic wellness expert, business owner and mother of two.

I'm sharing: a customized private Pilates session, focused on length, strength and alignment.

You can find it at: Our wellness havens across the country: Manhattan, the Hamptons, Greenwich, Los Angeles and Turks and Caicos. (This session will be online.)

What makes it special is: The chance to receive individualized attention that will accelerate your mental and physical well-being.  

One thing you can’t miss is: Discovering that fitness doesn’t have to mean being sore and exhausted. Strength can come from suppleness, intentional breathing and accessing muscles you never knew you had. 

Your body will thank you because: You will tone and build strength in alignment, benefitting every system of the body. The digestive, nervous, lymphatic and musculoskeletal systems will come into balance, building towards optimal health. 

This will help you be your best you this year because: a healthy body supports a healthy mind and heart. 

One person in my life who especially deserves an inspiring, healthy and positive 2019 is: My amazing staff who works to keep our clients healthy and happy year-round.


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They say it takes 30 days to create a habit: Enter here, follow us on Instagram and tag a friend (explaining why they especially deserve an amazing 2019) and you’ll both be eligible to win, making this year about self-care, fresh starts and supporting each other.


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