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This January, we are Giving The Process: For each of the first 30 days of the month, we’re highlighting something—and someone—amazing in the wellness world, representing the beauty, health, style, creative, energetic and/or spiritual boost you need to start the New Year as your most balanced and powerful self. On January 31, one charmed reader will win one of every item and ritual we highlight, including a $1,000 gift card to Live The Process! 

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit—enter here and make your 2018 about complete self-care.

Today’s The Process Gift is Karma Cards + an Astrology Reading.

My name is: Monte Farber.

I’m known for being: an astrologer, intuitive counselor and author of many popular metaphysical books and tools. 

I'm sharing: Karma Cards—over 300,000 sold! (*Also an emailed astrology transit report and an one-hour personal reading.)

You can find them: On Amazon, at your local bookstore, on BN.com, or through my website, TheEnchantedWorld.net.

What makes them special is: I devised a way to combine the wisdom of astrology with a quick and easy technique for putting us in touch with our intuition. Karma Cards are book and oracle card sets that can guide us through everyday decision-making and, even more important, help us contact and communicate wisely with our Higher Self.” (That’s the part of our being that chooses to undergo certain experiences in order to explore our full potential.) 

How do they work? Shuffle the Karma Cards. Lay a Planet, Sign and House card side-by-side, and read across the red or blue panels. Every response features three levels of information: spiritual, mental and physical.

One thing you can’t miss is: Using an oracle to tap into our source of strength and our spiritual energy is key to living a joyous, mindful, loving and successful life. To grow, we must experiment. By investigating new ideas that appeal to us or those ideas that have helped others we trust and respect, we can discover whether or not these different ways of believing can help us to be healthier, happier and more successful—even in these most challenging times. I have been helped by reading and taking to heart the teachings of some of the great sages, philosophers and teachers of the past and present. When something sounded good to me, I tried it out. I knew when something worked because my life felt better and I felt better about my life.

Your body will thank you because: Today’s wellness movement aims at exploring interesting new ways we as a culture are shifting toward holistic protocols and mindfulness regimes for optimum health and well-being. This includes the insights addressed through the personalized language of astrology. Astrological and metaphysical theories put into practice have very positive, practical, physical results.

This will help you be your best you this year because: Getting a yearly astrology reading and using a divination system such as Karma Cards helps you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Once you determine cycles and the vulnerable areas of your body, mind and spirit, you can take measures to protect, nurture and build them up. And so we must look within and take notice of our astrological charts and our situations: Where are we? What is the problem? What must be done to correct it?

We must focus on the present moment because the present is the only place where our power is concentrated. The past is beyond our control and the future is—well, in the future. But we can affect the future by living and acting in the present moment. By taking control of the present moment, we can extend that power to affect all areas of our experience.

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They say it takes 30 days to create a habit—enter here and make your 2018 about complete self-care.