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This January, we are Giving The Process: For each of the first 30 days of the month, we’re highlighting something—and someone—amazing in the wellness world, representing the beauty, health, style, creative, energetic and/or spiritual boost you need to start the New Year as your most positive and inspired self. On January 31, two charmed readers will win one of every item and ritual we highlight, including a $1,000 gift card for Live The Process!

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit: Enter here, follow us on Instagram and tag a friend (explaining why they especially deserve an amazing 2019) and you’ll both be eligible to win, making this year about self-care, fresh starts and supporting each other.

Today’s The Process Gift is an Apron by Heather Taylor Home.

My name is: Heather Taylor.

I’m known for being: founder, Heather Taylor Home

I'm sharing: Our newly launched Aprons

You can find it: On our website or at our newly opened store in Westwood.

Photo by Morgan Pansing

What makes it special is: Like all of our linens, our Aprons are handwoven by artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. Using our linens (or any products that are made by hand) always serves as a nice reminder for me to slow down, get off my phone and do something meaningful—cook dinner for friends, arrange some flowers in a vase or go on a walk outside. Also, having a cute apron makes me want to host a dinner party! 

One thing you can’t miss is: If you want to match with your kiddos, we made mini-versions too! Don’t miss our cute Kid Aprons for mommy-and-me kitchen style. 

Your body will thank you because: You’ll spend more time sitting around a table with people you love. 

This will help you be your best you this year because: Reminders to slow down are always a good thing. 

One person in my life who especially deserves an inspiring, healthy and positive 2019 is: My mom!


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They say it takes 30 days to create a habit: Enter here, follow us on Instagram and tag a friend (explaining why they especially deserve an amazing 2019) and you’ll both be eligible to win, making this year about self-care, fresh starts and supporting each other.


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  • I’m entering this contest, and will continue to thru the rest of this month (unfortunately I only stumbled across it today or I would’ve been entering daily). Today I am tagging my Mom, @llamorandier (Linda). I would tag her everyday if the rules allowed because that is how deserving she is of winning this beautiful apron, but also the entire 30 day giveaway. My mom has been my best friend, my confidant & my rock my entire life- even when times are hard for her. My mom has always protected me and shown me the true meaning of unconditional love by enduring an abusive relationship and keeping it a secret from everyone, including her/our family, friends and myself so that I wouldn’t think differently of my father and so I could continue to live the life I had grown accustom to- thanks to my father’s income. Finally, when I was 14, she had been promoted from her part-time job to a full-time position. This promotion couldn’t have come at a better time considering it was at age 14 that I first witnessed my father abuse my mom, he actually attempted to hit her with the car in our driveway after she had jumped out because he had hit her just prior. I had suspected there may be some abuse going on, but I had no idea what the extent of it was. We took our dog and immediately left, with no where to go, we went to Aunt’s home (her sister and closest friend). She had to share her story/16yr old secret with both myself and my Aunt who was furious with my father. As was I. With no money saved, she was forced to share the secret with my beloved, late Grandma. We moved into her finished basement for about a year, maybe longer my mom filed for divorce- which became a very long and messy process that dragged on for nearly a year. Finally, after paying a ridiculous amount of lawyer fees, my mom had given up the fight and gave into his demands, he got to keep her dream home, a home he never even wanted, all of the furniture she had picked out, her art collection and all of the worldly, one-of-a-kind possessions they had purchased on their vacations all over the world. He got to keep both of luxury cars (she took the winter beater), zero alimony, a few years of child support, and $40K in a stock that he knew was about to drop significantly, but she was finally happy it was over. We had our dog and we had each other. At my age, I was able to have a say in which parent I wanted to reside with and naturally, I chose her. Materialistic things meant nothing to me anymore and he still bought me clothes, even a new car on my 16th, but the damage had been done and I no longer had any respect for my dad. We finally moved into a nice apartment, she was able to buy all new furniture and she turned the patio into the most beautiful potted garden/sanctuary possible. My mom has always loved to garden and in our “family home” we had 4 acres, an acre of that was all woods with a path from beginning to end, we had grapevines and apple trees, a beautiful deck that stepped down onto a huge brick patio lined with some of the most beautiful bushes- I remember her working with the landscapers daily to create the perfect deck and patio for parties or smaller gatherings. She also had about a quarter of an acre rotitilled to create the most beautiful garden. She had sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, watermelons, squash, green beans, all kinds of peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, just about every kind of herb you can imagine, and so many beautiful flowers. Our backyard truly looked like a park with the grapevines & apple trees and her bird feeders, bird bathes and benches spartically placed. She acted like she was ok with loosing her dream home and her dream garden, but I knew deep down it crushed her. Still, she was happy to be free from the abuse. Until one night I came home with a friend (I was driving at this point) and was shocked to see my dad parked in his car, he saw me, but didn’t acknowledge me. I knew he was waiting for her, but thankfully I had returned home before she had. I immediately called her and she called the police so they could escort her into our apartment which had a private entrance so there was no building to gain access to first. The police strongly suggested she obtain a restraining order and after I left school the next day to find my car was missing (obviously he had taken it), that’s exactly what she did. He wasn’t allowed to be within a certain space from either of us for a year, I still remember my mom insisting the school have security escort me to my car everyday after school.

    Fast forward 5 years later, I was living on my own with a successful career and lots of room to grow, when I met my neighbor who was 15 years my senior (I didn’t know this for awhile, however). He was a gentleman, everything I THOUGHT a man should be. He owned a very successful and very lucrative business, I helped him as much as I could with a full-time job of my own. I also fell in love, hard- I just knew he was the one and a year after having my first child- his second, he asked me to marry him. With the business doing well and expanding, we decided it would be best for me to quit my job so I could stay home with the baby and work on the business from home- as well as plan a wedding. I unexpectedly got pregnant with our second child and he just didn’t seem as excited as he was with our first, I didn’t understand why considering financially we were in a very comfortable place. The business had him working out-of-town a lot, often times for a night or two. Sometimes longer and I just knew something wasn’t right. Our biggest contract was up and we had to follow protocol and place our bid, I assumed it was ours considering all of the time he had been putting into the out-of-town locations, ensuring everything was satisfactory, but I was so sick with this pregnancy, I rarely made it to our local sites and relied on the employees to make sure everything was up to par. We were “under bid.” I was in shock, how could this happen? I had no income of my own, how were we going to support our little boy? And the baby growing inside me? He said he was just as shocked, but we would be ok. We would have to temporarily cut back our employees and enlist the help of a marketing team to find our next big contract. I was seven months when I got the call, the real reason why we had lost the contract and why he didn’t seem as happy as he did about this new baby. He wasn’t going out-of-town to check up on companies, he had been having an affair, and they had a baby. I couldn’t breathe, my world was crumbling around me, how could my perfect life have turned into this? And, how could I have been so stupid to quit my career without even being married to the man, whom was now also broke. I kicked him out of our home as soon as I found out and my mom, who had to file bankruptcy just a few years prior, dropped everything to help me take care of my toddler and care for me as I was beyond heartbroken. She works for a university and was getting her Masters at the time so she took out loans to support me and her two grandchildren. I put him on child support immediately, but he was broke and unable to pay me so I only received money from him if he was arrested for non payment of child support- not a reliable source of income by any means. My mom supported me so much for the next couple years while I got back on my feet and learned how to be both mommy & daddy to our oldest as he went from being an active, loving father to a deadbeat dad literally overnight. She still helps me, when it comes to helping me care for my children and helping me make sure they have everything they need and want. I don’t know what I would do without her, my boys adore their Nana and I would give anything to repay her for all she’s done for us. She’s 64 and still working with no hopes of retirement in site and that’s all because of me, because of the loans she took out to help provide for us and because of the money she took from her retirement, also to help provide for us. It breaks my heart because she deserves to retire and enjoy life, just like my father did and rubs it in her face any chance he gets. She deserves to relax and travel again without stressing and loosing sleep over money.

    With that said, I can’t think of anyone more deserving than her. My Mom is an incredible woman, mother and Nana, and she deserves the world. I just have to find a way to give it to her.


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