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Winning The Process

This is the last official day of Giving The Process. Today, one lucky reader will win one of every self-care item or experience that we’ve highlighted over the course of this month—including $1000 towards Live The Process pieces. Congratulations, Meg of Organic Meg

That’s exciting, but we envisioned this special month as something much farther reaching too: We wanted to offer ideas and tools to support your better and brighter energy, healing, beauty, health, outlook, style and spirit for 2018.

They say it takes 30 days to make a habit. We’re hoping that—inspired by all these services and products and the genuine sentiments of their creators—you’ll make it a habit to take the best possible holistic care of yourself this year—physically, psychically and emotionally.

These are crazy times. We need to be able to approach our everyday with as much strength and positivity as possible.

So, remember to truly take care of yourself in 2018! And treasure the people around you too. 

xo - Robyn