A Moment with Jena Covello

For Jena Covello, every ingredient counts. Faced with a hormone-related health issue from a young age, she discovered that eliminating toxins from her diet, environment and beauty regimen could make a big difference. The biggest obstacle to her completely holistic...


How To: Matcha Coconut Smoothie

I have become obsessed with the matcha, coconut and bergamot smoothie at Greecologies in Soho. Anytime I'm in the area, I can't help but stop in and grab one to-go. I really love the unique flavor profile and it’s super healthy to...


A Moment With Sasha Plavsic

For Sasha Plavsic, small changes can make a big difference. The born-and-bred Canadian grew up surrounded by green outside of Vancouver. She learned early about nature’s power, when her brother, Zachary, fell ill with asthma and the family placed renewed...


A Moment With Function Of Beauty

While getting his PhD at MIT, the computer science expert first applied his interest in sustainability to the world of beauty, creating The Argan Tree, a cooperative that gives 100% of profits back to producers and their communities. Reactions to...


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