A Glimpse at Primally Pure Nature Spray

A Glimpse at Primally Pure Nature Spray

My name is: Courtney O’Connor. 

I’m known for being: a holistic esthetician at Primally Pure.

I'm helping to launch: Nature Spray.

You can find it at: PrimallyPure.com, available now!

What makes it special is: it’s an all-natural insect repellent made with non-toxic and nourishing ingredients. Our Nature Spray is free of DEET and full of organic ingredients that bugs can’t stand.

One thing you can’t miss is: Citronella, cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, geranium and peppermint essential oils are all part of our plant-based defense system. With this powerful essential oil blend, your skin smells fresh (unlike the aroma and residue from chemical-filled conventional bug sprays) and is left feeling nourished and soothed with organic and non-toxic ingredients.

Your body will thank you because: Instead of showering your body with dangerous DEET, synthetic pesticides and toxic chemicals (that you’re also inhaling), you’ll be using an all-natural alternative that protects your skin and your family without harmful side effects.

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