A Review of Whole Beauty

A Review of Whole Beauty

My name is: Shiva Rose.

My book is called: Whole Beauty.

The publication date is: late spring 2018.

I was inspired to write it when: I wanted to celebrate almost a decade of having my holistic lifestyle blog, The Local Rose

It’s about: my journey towards wellness with diet, natural beauty, rituals, spirituality, a connection to nature, tonics, herbs, crystals, essential oils and more.

My hope is that readers will: be inspired to connect to the deeper part of themselves.

My next book might be: It’s already beginning to percolate in my mind's eye. It may be influenced by my Persian roots and a yearning for countryside living. 

The title of my autobiography would be: Trusting the Unseen Worlds. Another one could be The 9 Lives of Shiva, since I feel like I have so many incarnations.

If I was a character from fiction, I’d be: Scarlett O’Hara—except with a better ending! Jane Eyre is another option. Or, better yet, I need to see what happens, so I can write it!

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