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SuperPower to the People

SuperPower to the People

My name is: Amanda Chantal Bacon.

My stomping ground is: Montecito, California.

I’m known for being: Ms. Moon Juice.

I'm talking about: SuperPower.

You can find it at:


My interest was sparked when: I wanted to stop cocktailing my immunity regimen that I took daily. To get the right sources, doses and forms of each element, I was taking seven pills from four different bottles and I still saw room for improvement.  

What inspired me to start this was: Finally finding liposomal vitamin C that is sourced from the US and dehydrated, so it could be put into a capsule with other elements.

The idea behind it is: Radical immune support that can be taken like a daily multivitamin for your immune system or for crisis care. One cap daily for daily care, three caps for critical care

What makes it different is: The source, dose and form! It's 100% US sourced, organic mushroom-based, in the high doses you need and the most bioavailable forms.

Our secret ingredient is: A patented dehydrated liposomal vitamin C.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: The vitamin D in the formula comes from organic button mushrooms grown on an Amish farm in Pennsylvania.

My favorite new ritual for self-care is: Infrared sweating at least three times a week! This also helps the immune system.

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