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Higher Power

Deep sleep is “essential for my life, both as a CEO and a mother,” shares HigherDOSE founder Lauren Berlingeri. Here, she touts the benefits of infrareds for relaxation and gives us the inside scoo...
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Much To Dew

Cindy (Suhhee) Kang had an aha! moment after she accidentally fell asleep in her son’s bed and reaped the benefits of his humidifier. That spurred her to create Hey Dewy, a well-designed, small, po...
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Sleep Well

Talk about a “dream vacation”—-The Well and Auberge Resorts are teaming up to launch a Better Sleep program, helping travelers improve rest on the road and at home. Here, The Well’s director of hea...
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Night Rider

Graham Smith is TCB with CBD. The co-founder of anti-inflammatory CBD-based skincare line, No, Thank You (or NTY), gives us the scoop on why their overnight anti-aging treatment, A Mask For Night, ...
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Kitchen Confidential

According to founder Lou Sagar, the goal of Alchemist’s Kitchen is to “educate, enliven and entertain customers with a sensorial vibe and something out of the ordinary.” Enter their new Sleep Well ...
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That’s The Rub

Joanna Vargas may look super human, but she holds tension just like the rest of us. Enter new Bamboo Massage Therapy, which releases bound fascia and stress. “When we let all of that tension sit an...
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Bathing Beauty

Once, baths were basic. Then came Esker. This thoughtful body care line, bent on elevating baths to self-care bonanzas, combines beautiful design with innovative tools and clean, sustainable ingred...
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Care for a Nightcap?

When two overworked moms collaborate on a healthy way to combat stress and promote sleep, they’re not messing around. Jewel Zimmer shares the story behind plant-powered line, Juna, especially their...
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Bed Head

“Sleep is an activity you have to prepare for,” says Ron Rudzin, founder of luxury eco-mattress company, Saatva, who feels that everyone should have access to true rest. “We believe in democratizin...
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