Scalp Message

Helen Reavey is a step ahead (pun intended). The longtime stylist noted models at global fashion weeks whose scalps—and thus hair—suffered from over-styling. Ultimately, she launched Act+Acre, her ...
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Baron in the Trees

Sade Baron is most known for their soaps from La Rose with French pink clay to Blue Lemonade with spirulina. But it’s the ethos of the mother-daughter team behind this botanical body care brand tha...
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Llama Mama Ding Dong

“Our ingredients come straight from Mother Earth, hence the ‘Mama’ in Llama Mama,” says Zani Gugelmann. She and co-founder Francesca Fortique launched their Peruvian prebiotic antioxidant soda with...
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To a Tea

“A relationship with nature is a relationship with ourselves,” says Anna Morton, co-creator of Leaves and Flowers loose leaf tea company. Here, she talks about her passion for plant healing and let...
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Good Natured

After living a plant-based lifestyle for a decade, Dr. Robert Schwarcz was inspired to bring his expert passion—for plants and aesthetics—to skincare. Here, the NYC-based oculofacial plastic surgeo...
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Earth and Sky

Plant-based yoga teacher Kate Posch has big dreams—to take care of farm animals! We’re fine with that as long as she still holds our favorite Wednesday 12pm Sky Ting class. Check it out: Get a mont...
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Nurture Nature

“Now, more than ever, humanity needs the arts to help cultivate a movement of hope-led action,” says Meg Haywood, a photographer and creative sustainability expert. “We cannot separate ourselves fr...
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Island Time

M. Claire Chung was bowled over by the Azores. “There were rainforests, black volcanic beaches and rolling tea plantations,” she recalls, plus thermal hot springs. On these unique islands, she sust...
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La Dada

“Bringing joy into people’s lives will make Earth a happier place,” says Claire Olshan, founder and CEO of offbeat lifestyle/snack line, Dada Daily. Here, the rule breaker and pleasure seeker descr...
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