Oh, Completely

For Anna Jewsbury, founder of jewelry/ceramic line Completedworks, holding space is “to be present.” In the creation of her collection and London studio, she’s “taking something that has a meaning...
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Cleaning Up

For Josie Maran, being a “woman warrior” means, “That I know my true power and how and when to use it.”
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Feeling Seen

“Empathy will move the world,” says fashion-loving disability advocate, Alex Ayaub. It is an act of bravery to accept...
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Oh, Honey

For healer, Vanessa Fitzgerald, being a Woman Warrior is, “To have sovereignty and fortitude.” Don't let anyone tell you...
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TLC with Naomi Edwards

My name is: Naomi Edwards. I’m known for being: A healer, teacher and aromatherapist. Founder of Hillabrant Holistics and Ayurvedic consultant to Terra & Co. I'm talking about: My company, Hil...
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Oil Pulling Terra & Co

The ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling has become more mainstream in recent years. Oil has been used as a medicine...
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All Lit Up

Each BEL Candle is hand-cast in India using a traditional casting technique that has been passed down for more than 400 years...
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Pearls of Wisdom

I poured my philosophy of treating the planet with a gentle touch. All the products are a mix of vintage, re-used and upcycled...
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Regeneration with ZenBunni

You will become much cleaner and clearer. This will bring about a new level of inner radiance and clarity that will inspire and help usher us all...
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