The Virtues Of Peaches

MARINA STORM Fresh, organic peaches are a wonderfully nutritious food. They are high in vitamins and nutrients like lycopene and beta carotene. The fruit is a perfect summer staple that we all kno...
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Yoga For Sleep

About 12% of American adults have some kind of chronic insomnia that can be detrimental to their health, state of mind and ability to enjoy life. If you live in a busy city like me, you probably h...
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8 Secrets To Fighting Dry Skin

NEGIN NIKNEJAD Dry skin plagues us during both cold and arid days. Some people are born with a constant issue, while others deal with it only from time to time. Either way, most often, the major cu...
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How To: Plant-Based Protein Shake

My close friend, Trey, recently adopted a plant-based diet. This choice shocked his southern friends and family. And, after the jokes and taunts subsided, everyone had the same question: “Where wil...
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Coco Loco

At a posh dinner party the other week, a successful actress was seated to my right. We had begun discussing skin and how she keeps herself looking so fresh and radiant, when she leaned over and whi...
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3 Tips For Juicing At Home

I must get three calls a week from my 70-year-old father telling me, with excitement, about his healthy food choices from the night before. The conversation always starts the same way: “You’d be re...
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5 Less Expected Essential Oils

RICHARD PETERSON When it comes to essential oils, most of us have undoubtedly encountered lavender, peppermint, tea tree and chamomile, as these can be very helpful. Still many, less popular oils a...
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Cinnamon: More Than A Nice Spice

Ever wondered why cinnamon is such a commonly used spice? Beyond its pleasant flavor in cider, mulled wine, baked buns or even breath mints, this helpful bark is used in medicinal herbal tonics to ...
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Alkaline Your Way To Beautiful

MARIANNE KEHOE Alkaline your body. It’s life-changing! I know this first hand. When things aren’t working right inside, the effects are obvious outside. For me, internal imbalances caused cystic ac...
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