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The Fix: Tracee Stanley

My name is: Tracee Stanley. I'm known as: A spiritual guide, author and speaker. My expertise is: Ritual, ancestor reverence, yoga nidra, meditation and self-inquiry. I stay physically healthy wi...
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The Fix: Jana Brunclikova

My name is: Jana Brunclikova. I’m known as: Australia-based qualified naturopath and herbalist, plant-based chef and author of The Secret Kitchen Book. My expertise is in: Understanding and teachin...
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A Review of “The Secret Kitchen Book”

My name is: Jana Brunclikova. My book is called: The Secret Kitchen Book: Intuitive Eating. My background before becoming an author was: My fascination with natural health began long before I spen...
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The Fix: Sua Park

My name is: Sua Park. I’m known as: Founder of Feed Your Glow. My expertise is in: Helping women challenge their limits to get better skin, inner peace and happier and healthier lives. I stay physi...
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Breathing to Heal with Nadia Josse

My name is: Nadia Josse. I’m known for being: A breathwork facilitator and teacher. I'm talking about: I see private clients virtually on zoom for one-on-one breathwork healing sessions. I also ha...
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RIP Shame with Gigi Sagansky

My name is: Gigi Sagansky.  I’m known for being: The host of the Driven Minds Podcast by Type7! I found an incredible partner in Type7, which is the creative editorial platform of Porsche.  I'm tal...
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The Fix: Maria Geyman

My name is: Maria Geyman. I’m known as: The founder of Masha Tea and a naturopathic doctor. My expertise is in: Beauty, teas and holistic medicine. I stay physically healthy with: Most importantly...
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Drinking It In with Masha Tea

Dr. Maria Geyman had tea on the brain long before it became her everyday. The Brooklyn-based, board-certified naturopathic doctor, who specializes in skin health, mood and hormonal concerns, began ...
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The Maker: Taylor Patterson

My name is: Taylor Patterson. I’m known for being: A florist and founder of Fox Fodder Farm. I’m a maker of: Flower arrangements—and, recently, a baby. Making is an important part of my personal p...
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Receive A Free Scrunchie
For the month of October, we’re wrapping up all orders over $100 with something extra: our Scrunchie in a surprise color!