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Hope + Miracles

Hope + Miracles

I got some news yesterday that has blown my mind and altered my everything, forever.

For months, I’ve been told that I have Premature Ovarian Failure, which means, in short, that I have little or no time left to have children. I received this information in the last days of my father’s life, which compounded its intensity.

I had to ask myself a lot of tough questions:

Do I really want kids? Yes.

Would I do it alone? No.

Would I compromise my needs and co-parent with a friend? No.

Would I artificially inseminate? No.

Would I raise a child alone? No.

Would I raise a child with a girlfriend who also has a kid? Maybe, but only one very specific friend.

Would I adopt, if I couldn’t have kids? Absolutely.

Would I adopt even if I did? Yup.

What makes a good father? What makes a good partner? These were the daily issues I pondered.

I took good care of myself: I went to acupuncture twice a week. I took these horrifying Chinese herbs that taste like ass poop every day. I exercised my strength and especially my faith. I prayed. I knew God had a plan and that the faeries were on my side. I slowed down my drinking; I tightened up my eating. I ended relationships that weren’t right and stood up for myself and my unborn child or children.

And then yesterday, I learned I had been misdiagnosed.

An amazing naturopath named Feline Kondula looked at my blood work and hormones and, because one of my levels was abnormally high, she deducted that I have metal toxicity and not early menopause. She’d seen it hundreds of times. We checked and, sure enough, I have high, high, high levels of mercury in my body that had traveled to my ovaries and uterus. A simple but long process of natural chelation will rid my body of the mercury and restore the health of my entire reproductive system.

I didn’t even imagine this kind of miracle was possible. I thought, at the very best, that my levels would get better and I’d prolong my short time frame; but a complete reversal has given me a new lease on this life. I have emerged from this magical prank with a clear vision.

The Universe has its ways; and they’re all illusions.

Truly, Wow,


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