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Into The Woods

“What our neighbors consider waste, we turn into wealth,” says Scott Man, co-founder of Coshanton Woods, a line of products—from dream mists and clay masks to teas—created entirely from their surro...
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Precious GEM

For Sara Cullen, balance is, “Finding what nourishes you, not starves you, and finding the things that work for your body.” The founder of edible multi-vitamin alternative brand, GEM, describes her...
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How To: Mini Root Veggie Latkes

CARAVAN Here's a fun recipe for super healthy, super colorful and super tasty Mini Root Vegetable Latkes or Bird Nests. The three of us developed this dish this past summer when we were looking for...
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Therapeutic Perfume For Autumn Transitions

EMILY L'AMI Fall is a season of transition—you can see it in the leaves and feel it in the air. It’s a time of physical, environmental and energetic shifts that, according to the ancient holistic m...
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Seeing Beauty

MORDECHAI ALVOW As the seasons change, leaving the flushed, frenetic summer and bringing the refreshing respite of autumn breezes, it gives me an opportunity to reflect on beauty in all of its simp...
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How To: Make Lemon-Aid

THUYEN NGUYEN This beautiful season brings the rich, earthy colors of autumn leaves and begins the festive run of holidays. However, this time of year, our bodies are also exposed to a host of stre...
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How To: Coconut-Rose Muesli

CARAVAN While living in London, Deeva became a devotee of Bircher Müesli, a dish of Swiss origin comprised of rolled oats soaked in milk and fruit. Muesli—which means “little mush”—was invented by ...
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How To: Cooling Summer Herbal Elixirs

NEGIN NIKNEJAD Summer has arrived and—besides, the fun, sun and love—it also brings along rising temperatures that can have serious consequences like dehydration. An increase of perspiration during...
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