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Meet The Maker

“The Maker invites imagination and dreams,” says Lev Glazman of his Hudson, New York hotel and restaurant. Here, he explains how this eclectic property puts guests in an artist’s mindset.
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Under The Tuscan Sun

“Holding space is about presence,” says Luca Calvani, co-founder of new Tuscan retreat, Le Gusciane, “being there in the moment, whether it is for the person we are sharing an experience with or fo...
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8 Tips For Overcoming Fear

MONTE FARBER & AMY ZERNER We have learned that living a successful life of quality and meaning does not mean that you will forget fear, uncertainty or rejection. What is important is how quick...
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My Cup Runneth Over

HAYLEY STARR I am the happiest version of myself ever. This joy has deep roots, high origins and isn’t swayed by outside forces. It does not stem from a man, nor birthing a child. My businesses are...
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Becoming Your Dream Self

AMANDA CHASE My Pinterest board is a direct reflection of the life that I want to live. Scratch that: The life that I am living. The board has all my ambitions. Dreams. Thoughts. Aspirations. Of co...
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How To: The Secret To Lasting Weight Loss

KIYA KNIGHT If you asked me as a personal trainer, “What is the one magic hack—the secret, the special sauce—to getting the body of your dreams?,” I’d say, “Confidence.” Confidence is the fuel that...
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How To: Rituals For Self-Empowerment

MONTE FARBER & AMY ZERNER Rituals acknowledge the existence of a higher power in ourselves and in our world. One of the primary functions of rituals is to build a spiritual connection in our d...
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