The Relationship Paradigm

The Relationship Paradigm

After more than 30 years of intense personal and professional research, including interacting with many thousands of women, men and couples, I have observed certain universal distinctions between women and men.

Below is a condensed matrix that demonstrates my assertions, which will help women and men experience their respective true greatness:


What Women Require From Men

To Be:

1. Fun.

2. Certain and clear.

3. Lover and generator.

All within a context of profound respect.


What Men Require From Women

To Be:

1. Safe.

2. Visionary.

3. Fulfilled and complete as a woman.

All within a context of authentic acknowledgement.


The above distinctions are simplistic by design and are meant to engage you and inspire a thought process. Consider how these concepts play out in your own life before we move further.

My next post will offer a more in-depth perspective and will elaborate on these distinctions to give a deeper understanding that goes far beyond what we believe to be true about men and women in our culture.

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