The Weather In Us

The Weather In Us

Weather. It affects our daily routines, moods, fashion choices, our bodies and our skin.

Just like our many selves, one day it is gloriously sunny, one day rainy, one day cold and so on.

But beneath the ever-changing facade of this phenomena lies a unique system of cycles and rhythms, similar to patterns inherent in us. In spring, there is a sense of renewal and rebirth, while summer is a time to enjoy the sun’s nourishment and simply be. In autumn, like the leaves, we shed the dead, while in winter we retreat inside and explore the self.

Being that the pattern of weather affects both nature and us, tapping into its rhythm can guide us towards more natural living. For instance, every inch of me screams “summer!” but I find the rhythm of winter great for slowing down to rest and replenish oneself. And living in a fast-paced city like New York, where many of us are constantly deprived of rest, winter is a most perfect time to retreat inside both physically and spiritually and establish a self-care routine.

Self-care doesn’t have to mean a luxurious day at the spa or come with a heavy price tag. Even just sitting in a chair with a warm blanket, with the phone and computer turned off, and being idle is self-care at its best and a great way to connect to a peaceful space in our hearts.

Most of what we need is within. We just have to slow down and feel our rhythm through the patterns of weather.

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