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My name is: Kelley Wolf. My stomping ground is: Vancouver, British Columbia and soon to be Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m known for being: An executive and life coach. I’m talking about: My recent book:...
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Into The Woods

“What our neighbors consider waste, we turn into wealth,” says Scott Man, co-founder of Coshanton Woods, a line of products—from dream mists and clay masks to teas—created entirely from their surro...
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Precious GEM

For Sara Cullen, balance is, “Finding what nourishes you, not starves you, and finding the things that work for your body.” The founder of edible multi-vitamin alternative brand, GEM, describes her...
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Meet The Maker

“The Maker invites imagination and dreams,” says Lev Glazman of his Hudson, New York hotel and restaurant. Here, he explains how this eclectic property puts guests in an artist’s mindset.
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Under The Tuscan Sun

“Holding space is about presence,” says Luca Calvani, co-founder of new Tuscan retreat, Le Gusciane, “being there in the moment, whether it is for the person we are sharing an experience with or fo...
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Sharing Stories

For Beck Russell, being a “woman warrior” is “having a strong sense of identity.” The LA-based fashion editor and breast cancer survivor is hosting our upcoming Fluid Form Pilates event at our Ven...
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The Fix: Jessie May Wolfe

My name is: Jessie May Wolfe. My expertise is in: Leading with heart and empowering others to live and lead with their heart wisdom too! I’m trained in various modalities: reiki, life coaching, “He...
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How To: Happiness And Gratitude

Most people want to be happy. Happiness is a fundamental human desire, after all. Especially in the USA, we literally think of happiness as our third inalienable right—after life and liberty. Not o...
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