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Finding Oneness With Deeksha

What is Deeksha? Also called the “Oneness Blessing,” it is the transfer of consciousness/God/grace/father/mother/energy/whatever-you-prefer-to-call-it, through the hands of a trained blessing gi...
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Skincare Results Without Acids

MARIANNE KEHOE Over the years, my experience with skincare products has changed completely. I have noticed that the more I treat my skin topically the way I do internally, the better results I get...
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A Todos Santos Surprise

ERICA GRAGG I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a travel snob. Visiting between ten and fifteen countries a year can do that to a person. Plus, I find myself in the fortunate position of not only choosing...
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Waking The Wild Woman

SARAH DURHAM WILSON Shakti Sunfire—a leader in the hoopdance movement and an Earth Priestess—and I just wrapped up leading a six-week virtual course called, "Waking the Wild Woman." While I've lea...
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Energy Is Power

If you want to feel more peaceful, centered and powerful, I recommend having a simple, regular practice for locating and releasing heavy and stagnant energy patterns within your body. They can we...
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