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Putting A Stop To Chronic Disappointment

HAYLEY STARR This morning, I was super upset by a conversation with my mother. I should have known: The topic in question always brings up the same frustrating result. The subject of the disagreeme...
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How To: Chickpea Avocado-Tahini Purée

My Soup Cleanse Cookbook—just released at the end of August—is really about how small steps can make a difference in your health. I hope to help people reunite with the peace and ease of eating wit...
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How To: The Secret To Lasting Weight Loss

KIYA KNIGHT If you asked me as a personal trainer, “What is the one magic hack—the secret, the special sauce—to getting the body of your dreams?,” I’d say, “Confidence.” Confidence is the fuel that...
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How To: Rituals For Self-Empowerment

MONTE FARBER & AMY ZERNER Rituals acknowledge the existence of a higher power in ourselves and in our world. One of the primary functions of rituals is to build a spiritual connection in our d...
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How To: Cooling Summer Herbal Elixirs

NEGIN NIKNEJAD Summer has arrived and—besides, the fun, sun and love—it also brings along rising temperatures that can have serious consequences like dehydration. An increase of perspiration during...
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How To: Banana Ice Cream

HEATHER MARR Hot summer days are here and with them come some of the most delicious, sweet indulgences of the season. Unfortunately, many of these cool treats are loaded with sugar, unhealthy types...
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5 Easy Morning Rituals

ERICA CORNWALL Most of us rush around in the morning, compensating for sleeping until the last possible minute or dealing with kids, pets, partners and more. If you’re not one of those people, con...
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Turning Inward

"When people would talk to me about, 'You're gonna beat this', or, 'You're gonna slay cancer,' or, 'You're gonna'— I would say what I'm gonna do, hopefully, is become more of who I was meant to b...
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