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Bed Post

Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn is a bucket list property. At this magical place, between shamanic energy sessions and locally sourced meals, relaxation is everything. Here, spa director Monika Jalovec gi...
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A Moment with The Nue Co.

We’re throwing it back with this archive interview spotlighting Jules Miller, the inspiring founder of The Nue Co. Here, she describes how her stomach issues and her grandfather's legacy fueled the...
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Herban Planner

“You are an open vessel for the universal love to work through you and for you!” says Dr. Gabrielle Francis. Here, the “The Herban Alchemist” describes why opening your heart to wellness is an adve...
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Your Venus

“The universe is finally giving us a break in 2022,” says astrologer Rebecca Gordon. Here, she shares about her own journey, plus what to expect this winter/spring, plus a free Venus Love Guide! As...
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Work Around

For Desirée Pais, opening one’s heart is a process. “To open your heart is to get to know yourself,” she says. The founder of dishes on her new Co-Working Retreats, designed to inspire, ...
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Heart To Heart

“Our hearts are sacred,” says our co-founder, Robyn Berkley, “and we know how important it is to clear those energetic roadblocks.” Here, she describes the importance of opening our hearts on every...
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Gather Together

“Balance is what allows us to access our best selves and is a cornerstone for living optimally,” says Joy Dushey. The NYC-based spiritual teacher and energy healer shares the details about upcoming...
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Hello, 2022!

“As this new year begins, first and foremost, I want to express how thankful I am to our Live The Process community,” says co-founder Robyn Berkley. Here, she shares what 2022 has in store.
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A Year in Review

For Live The Process co-founder Robyn Berkley, 2021 was a year of invention, patience and evolution, despite the challenges. “We’ve worked to navigate the future while staying in the present,” she ...
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