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A Deep Dive with Healers

Since the time when we first launched Live The Process, we’ve been fortunate enough to share stories with, learn from and offer a platform to a fascinating group of healers with very diverse toolboxes.

So, with this month’s theme in mind, we’ve reached into our rich archives and pulled out some favorite interviews with and pieces by practitioners from nutripuncturists to shamans, who help support us all mind, body and spirit.

Here’s what we uncovered:

Healing with Acupuncture Meridians (Andrew Heimann — Nutripuncturist)

A Moment with Guru Jagat (Yogic Guru)

A Moment with Nina Curtis (Healer with Legacy)

A Moment with Mama Medicine (Shaman)

A Moment with Hope Gillerman (Aromatherapist)

On Modern Loss (Kayla Jacobs — Healing From Grief)

A Moment with the Firshein Center (Integrative Medicine)

A Moment with Center of the Cyclone (Meditation)

Cover rendering Andres Reisinger

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