Live The Process with Lauren Gerrie

Live The Process with Lauren Gerrie

What I do: Chef & Co-Owner of bigLITTLE Get Together, Private Chef for Marc Jacobs, Co-Creator/Choreographer for MOVES All-Level Dance class, Food & Recipe Writer.

My must have Live The Process piece: The Corset Unitard

Why: I seriously love a one piece. They are the most transitional and functional from workout to night out.

I wear it to: MOVES

Life’s biggest temptation or distraction: Sweets! I could survive on pastries, cookies, ice cream, bread and butter, but I don't let myself. Well, sometimes!

My latest wellness obsession (process): Sky Ting Yoga! I go everyday. I love the spaces, the teachers, the community.

My latest wellness obsession (product): Coconut oil always and forever! I also started going for microcurrent facials at Take Care Spa and feel like a new woman.

The secret to my process: Positivity and laughter. I also smoke a lot of weed.

My spirit animal is: A hummingbird. Sometimes I feel like I never stop moving.

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