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Marie-Louise Sciò’s Rome

Marie-Louise Sciò’s Rome

My name is: Marie Louise Sciò.

I’m known for being: The CEO and creative director of the Pellicano Hotels and founder of Issimo.

I live in: Rome.

My newest wellness obsession is: Wellness is my new obsession—and time for myself. 


In my city, my favorite place for exercise is: My living room with my TRX.

The best spot for body or facial treatments is: Besides our hotels’ spas (La Posta Vecchia is very near to Rome), I highly recommend Centro Dermostetica. I love their massagio dell tessuti connettivale (connective tissue massage) and their amazing microdermabrasion facial.

My favorite local health food store or delicious nourishing restaurant is: Solo Crudo in Rome, a macrobiotic, raw food restaurant.

When I’m there, I always grab: The macro roll pizza—it’s Italian, but macrobiotic!


When I want to get quiet, think and/or meditate, I head to: In my headphones.

What I do there is: I think and work with music. In the morning, I mediate in bed for 20 minutes.

What makes it special and unique is: That I am alone. I always need quiet time. 


My favorite podcaster or writer is: Oprah, Tara Brach meditations. For books, I love Italo Calvino or anything about psychology/Buddhism/consciousness.

My favorite local bookstore is: The English bookshop in Rome, Open Door Bookshop.

The best thing about it is: The selection.


When I need to get away, I take a trip to in: Anywhere where I can be alone and there is depth and views; it could be the mountains, the beach—as long as there are no crowds, no people.

The reason why I love it is: It’s quiet and meditative. The quieter you become, the more you can hear!

Photo by Gerardo Gaetani.

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