To The Moon with Mama Medicine

To The Moon with Mama Medicine

My name is: Deborah Hanekamp.

I’m known for being: Mama Medicine.

I'm talking about: My New Moon Medicine Reading Ceremonies and Full Moon Song Circles.

You can find it at: You can participate in these ceremonies by joining Space by Mama Medicine, my online membership community, or you can book a private session. 

What inspired me to launch these was: Taking time to connect to the rhythms of the moon helps us feel a part of the beat of all of creation. In 2007, I started moon circles to take time to honor this pulse of life we all get to be a part of.

How it works is: There's no wrong way to do a moon ceremony. Your intention of balance and connection is what matters the most, so be creative! 

What makes each one different is: New moons are a good time to get quiet and intentional, and full moons are a good time to reflect and celebrate. For my ceremonies, I try to be open to what is meant to come through.  

One thing you can’t miss is: I think the one thing you can't miss is being able to join together with others from all over this beautiful planet with a shared intention of healing and balance.

My favorite secret detail is: I always bring a bowl of water that is then blessed by the beautiful energy of the ceremony. After the ceremony, I offer the water from the bowl to my plants. I have really happy plants.  

Synching our spiritual exploration and healing with the moon phases is helpful because: It helps us to remember how connected we are to all of existence. 

The moon helps me live my process by: Being a wise and consistent teacher.

Learn more about Mama Medicine’s journey here.

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