The Road Less Taken

“The spaces we inhabit are our playground for self-expression,” says A Hotel Life EIC, Tansy Kaschak. Here, the world traveler describes the magic that happens when a seamless narrative is brought ...
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If You Build It

“These spaces have a soul that needs to be experienced,” says Matt Rembe, who grew up on New Mexico property, Los Poblanos, now The Hacienda Spa. Here, he talks about what it means to create a sens...
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Perspective Check

“Space…reminds us of the internal power we all possess to change our perspective and invent ourselves anew,” says Athena Calderone. Here, the interior designer gives us the scoop on her magnum opu...
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Just The Right Amount

“Living your process begins with your environment,” says Julija Stoliarova, creative director of Eastwind Hotel & Bar in the Catskills. “The energy of a space you choose to spend time in direct...
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The Space Inside

For Gary Gorrow, what it means to hold space is, “to create an atmosphere that invites people to meet the deepest and most meaningful aspects of themselves.” The founder of Australian retreat desti...
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Deep Space

“When you feel something emotional and almost calming in a space, that’s when you know, wow, that worked,” says Live The Process co-founder Robyn Berkley. Here, she shares her journey of manifestin...
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Intuit This

Spiritual development coach, Isabeau Maxwell, helps to lift up others into their own amazing light and show...
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Wonder Women

It’s about the women who inspire us with their fearless, generous and innovative work. It’s about women trusting in...
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Sacred Wild Child

Teaching and creating experiences and healing spaces for people to connect to the Earth, themselves and spirit. As a healer...
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