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Circle Time

“Ultimately, we learn just how connected we are to the cycles of nature,” says Malia Scharf. The LA-based guide incorporates flower essences, herbal infusions, breathwork, movement and more into he...
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Big Bloom

Sophia Moreno-Bunge was so moved by the landscape when she moved to LA that she translated her passion into a floral design company, ISA ISA. “I was inspired by the palm tree dates that hang like e...
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Ice, Ice, Baby

Laura Ramsey was lured to LA by “the dream of something more.” Here, the creator of Nia’s Arc Botanical Popsicles shares her company’s origin story, as well as her vision of the city.
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The LA Process

“At Live The Process, December is a love letter to LA,” says co-founder Robyn Berkley. This month’s editorial theme, “Welcome to LA,” is a celebration of our brand’s ethos, our new Venice Beach Hou...
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Space Travel

“For me, holding space is claiming it as yours, really inhabiting it,” says Yolanda Edwards, creator of travel and lifestyle magazine, Yolo Journal. The seasoned editor describes her quest to highl...
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A Moment with Carissa Schumacher

Spirit medium Carissa Schumacher believes we all have the ability to tune in. She first became aware of her gift as a young child, and at times it overwhelmed and frightened her. However, as she gr...
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The Road Less Taken

“The spaces we inhabit are our playground for self-expression,” says A Hotel Life EIC, Tansy Kaschak. Here, the world traveler describes the magic that happens when a seamless narrative is brought ...
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If You Build It

“These spaces have a soul that needs to be experienced,” says Matt Rembe, who grew up on New Mexico property, Los Poblanos, now The Hacienda Spa. Here, he talks about what it means to create a sens...
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Perspective Check

“Space…reminds us of the internal power we all possess to change our perspective and invent ourselves anew,” says Athena Calderone. Here, the interior designer gives us the scoop on her magnum opu...
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