The Space Inside

For Gary Gorrow, what it means to hold space is, “to create an atmosphere that invites people to meet the deepest and most meaningful aspects of themselves.” The founder of Australian retreat desti...
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Deep Space

“When you feel something emotional and almost calming in a space, that’s when you know, wow, that worked,” says Live The Process co-founder Robyn Berkley. Here, she shares her journey of manifestin...
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Intuit This

Spiritual development coach, Isabeau Maxwell, helps to lift up others into their own amazing light and show...
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Wonder Women

It’s about the women who inspire us with their fearless, generous and innovative work. It’s about women trusting in...
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Sacred Wild Child

Teaching and creating experiences and healing spaces for people to connect to the Earth, themselves and spirit. As a healer...
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Empower Puff

I created Benshen Course first and foremost because I had all the tools personally to change my life, but realized how challenging...
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Hair Liberation

This practice undoubtedly will always connect us to the earth vibrations and clear our crown’s pathways, balancing...
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Hallowed Ground

Do you ever feel like time is moving so quickly that you can barely keep up? Your mind is racing with to-do lists, ideas, goals...
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