About Us

Live The Process defines “The Workout Within,” the act of exercising consciousness at every stage of your wellness journey. Since the launch in 2013, our transitional sportswear and experiential editorials have nourished a community of introspective souls and their journeys to self-actualization.

We believe the linking of breath and movement —and the relationship between action and experience— brings balance to our three pillars: physical, emotional and intellectual.

Translated through an expansive library of lessons, tips, and personal experiences, our three core verticals offer unique perspectives to help you channel a deeper sense of self. Each of our contributors is a noted leader in their wellness field and offers insight into self-discovery by providing practices that can be adopted at every stage of one’s journey.

Our collection is a direct reflection of the balance we seek. For each piece, we synchronize thoughtful design and construction with an unsurpassed level of detail to create perfect symmetry.

Live The Process is ethically produced in the United States by like-minded individuals who are devoted to our same level of mindfulness. We employ better practices throughout our supply chain to reduce environmental impact, including recycled packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.  Each piece not only looks beautiful and reflects a conscious lifestyle, but also allows you to perform at your best thanks to high-tech innovations like four-way stretch, breathability, heat retention, moisture wicking, UV stop and water and wind repellent fabrication.

Like you, Live The Process is leading the world in its constant state of personal growth and evolution.