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Christina Pirello was raised in a big Italian and Irish family with extended clan members who came and went daily. Everyone cooked, but her mother was the queen of the kitchen—with a commitment to fresh ingredients and an insatiable thirst for wellness knowledge. She passed away at 49 and, six months later, Pirello was diagnosed with AML, an acute form of leukemia. Given only nine months to live, even with a conventional intervention like chemotherapy, there was little hope of a cure. Her doctors could only advise her to “take care” of herself. Unsure of what that meant, she began an exploration that led to meeting the love of her life, reversing her disease over the course of fourteen months in her kitchen and discovering her true passion: helping people understand the impact of food on wellness. Armed with a master’s degree in nutrition and an expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she uses food as the tool to change personal health, family health and, ultimately, global health. It’s a tall order for broccoli, but, as she says, we’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My Process: “Each of us has a life’s purpose. How we feed our bodies helps us tap into that purpose, providing strength and wisdom for life’s challenges. For me, life begins and ends in the kitchen—as do my days.”

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