The Contour Collection

Live The Process Contour Bra & Contour Legging

Contour Legging and Contour Bra in Black/Sky/Tumeric

Read between the lines.

Find deep connectivity in our new Contour Collection, inspired by the body's many meridians.

Live The Process Scoop Bra & Geometric Legging

Scoop Bra and Geometric Legging in Black/Charcoal

In traditional Chinese Medicine, there are twelve primary meridians (jingmai) that transverse the body. They correspond with the internal organs and functions. They flow from the chest to the hands, the hands to the face, the face to the feet and the feet back to the chest. Each channel has points along its pathway that have different functions.

There are over 400 points on the body. The meridians can be stimulated with acupuncture (needles), pressure and massage. And they can impact both the physiological function, as well as the corresponding emotion, relating to an organ. For example, the lung helps with inhalation and exhalation in the body.Read More

Live The Process Linear V Tank

Linear V Tank in Black/Tumeric

Live The Process Seamless Legging and Contour Bra

Seamless Legging in Black and Contour Bra in Black/Charcoal/White

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