Erica Gragg - New York

Erica Gragg is an ACE-certified Vinyasa flow yoga teacher and co-creater of acclaimed travel, fitness and lifestyle program, Escape To Shape, through which she pursues her passions for travel, exploration, connection and wellness. Gragg—who both reshapes bodies and expands minds—finds inspiration in the exotic worldwide backdrops for her programs and the subtle discoveries each individual makes through his or her practice. (Her classes are set to tribal, lounge and/or classic rock songs to help students find their own personal rhythms.) The fitness expert, tapped for tips by publications including Self, Shape, Fitness and The New York Post, recently launched Destination Detox: Hudson, NY, a results-driven and transformative week of wellness, and is developing e-commerce site Escape To Shop, featuring her favorite finds from around the world.

MY PROCESS: “The perfect life (if there is such a thing!) is one where pleasure, travel, treasured friends and family, livelihood and giving back all coexist in an eclectic and authentic style. Each and every person can make a difference, even in the seemingly smallest of ways. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, each and every breath to the fullest.”

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