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Jackie Marie

My name is: Jackie Marie.

I am known for being: A Private Process stylist.

Before this I was: A stylist for 15 years and a luxury buyer.  

My expertise is in: Fit, style and identifying the qualities that make each woman unique.

My private process service is: All about the human perspective. As automation and technology change the way in which we shop, I find myself wanting to scream, “Please let me speak to a human!” I want to have someone crack a joke, I want discovery, I want someone to tell me, “You look great!” or “Maybe try this instead.”

I’ll be helping you: Through the process of style discovery. I know more than anyone that emotions play a role in what we wear. I love when my clients feel empowered and excited in clothing. The process of shopping should be fun!

A human connection is so important because: Humans care. Even something that’s objectively attractive and fits might not be what’s right for your personality. As a full-figured woman, I know it’s a fine line between looking smokin’ or simply garish. Taste is not an algorithm; it’s an art.

My own process (in five words or less): Humor, honesty and good vibes. 

To reach me and learn more text or call (310) 866-7832 or email