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Kelsey Harper, owner of Flower Girl Los Angeles, is an LA-native and full-time mother. After realizing how uplifting the giving and receiving of flowers could be, she started her business in 2012 with a focus on creating arrangements that are natural, bespoke, chic and organic to the eye. Since then, she has wrangled top hotel, apparel and celebrity clients by doing just that: offering a niche array of florals and greenery throughout Los Angeles. Inspired by her relaxed California upbringing, Harper draws inspiration from all aspects of nature and art. This year, she will begin to offer floral workshops and events to help others understand how flowers in the home and workplace can positively affect the mood and spirit, in turn, bringing balance to life.

MY PROCESS: “Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places you never thought you would.”

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