Kiya Knight - Malibu

Kiya Knight is a sport scientist, adventure junkie, creator of WEightless Mind-Body Fitness and believes in miracles. Kiya teaches body rocking, soul stirring Weightless classes at CoreBalance Studio in Phoenix, Arizona and SLT Studio in Manhattan. Kiya recently joined forces with the world famous traveling fitness spa Escape To Shape and Destination Detox; Hudson, NY. I'm a nomadic, bohemian rockstar at heart so I frequently take my passion on the road to connect with epic characters and explore fresh, new spaces that push me beyond my comfort zone and work to shape my consciousness. I am addicted to the thrill of participating in exotic fitness adventures that encourage and facilitate group exploration of mental and physical boundaries and help expand my awareness. Perspective is everything and I love meeting clients, friends and coworkers at the edge to experience real, powerful, natural, mind body transformation.

MY PROCESS: "Life gets heavy. When I'm Weightless my body and mind merge as a synergistic unit and I feel connected and free. Teaching fitness and traveling help me find the space where movement and thought become expansive and fluid and dreams manifest as reality."

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