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London-based Louise Androlia works with clients through a combination of intuitive coaching, massage therapy, healing and tarot guidance. After her earliest years in California (still the love of her life), she grew up in the rolling countryside of England. At age three, her parents found her casting spells in the backseat of the car. Growing up, she was—and forever will be—enraptured by Disney, the animal kingdom, magic and miracles. At 21, living in London and painting at art school, Louise became seriously ill with a chronic pain condition. She gave up her life as she knew it. Feeling failed by the healthcare system, she turned to alternative healing methods, which felt natural.

Over the next five years, she recovered from her physical illness and PTSD via a diet change, a combination of holistic therapies and a positive attitude. Once better, Louise ran a celebrated handmade lingerie brand for five years and still continues to paint and collaborate creatively with enchanting friends around the globe.

Eleven years from the start of her healing journey, Louise sees her period of suffering as a gift, so that she could heal others. She learned to live and think with a holistic and spiritual outlook and now helps clients do the same via practical and inspirational healing and guidance. She also writes monthly tarot forecasts for The Numinous and Mademoiselle Robot.

MY PROCESS: “I find empowerment through self knowledge. By understanding myself holistically, I can notice the present moment, step into it and create my own adventure! I approach life by practicing and believing in endless kindness and magic.”


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