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For Marina Storm, it seemed normal to grow up knowing the common and scientific names of plants. The Northern California-native comes from a long line of incredible women—nurses, midwives, gardeners, and cooks—who focused on health and quality food. For over ten years now, she has been an organic gardener herself, cooking from scratch and calling nature her most valuable teacher. Storm earned her clinical herbalist certification at The Ohlone Herbal Center in Berkeley, where she met future business partner, Sarah Buscho, and began developing what would become Earth Tu Face skincare. In 2011, she created Village Farm Herbs, a website dedicated to her personal garden, featuring local herbs and plants, educational tours, herb hikes and community involvement (weeding, seeding, harvesting). Storm’s incredible understanding of plant benefits informs her skincare approach and the mantra, "Never put on your skin, what you wouldn't put in your body.”

MY PROCESS: "I live with awareness of interconnectedness. Everything we do and choose has an effect on other things. I am committed to being responsible for my actions and the effect they have on the web of life: plants, animals, water and the future of Earth."


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