Surprise Headband

We're saying 'thanks!' by adding a little something extra to orders over $200. Surprise! You get a headband. Now can you guess which color you’ll receive?

Martin Calderon Cohen - New York

Martin Cohen is a nationally recognized life coach and relationship expert, who empowers individuals, couples and groups to achieve unprecedented levels of success in their personal and business lives. His work has inspired tens of thousands of people during his more than 30 years of consulting, coaching and leadership training. With offices in New York City and South Florida, Cohen has been recognized by elite publications including The New York Times. He is known for his unique passion, which enables him to partner with and guide committed people to new levels of satisfaction and effectiveness in their lives. Cohen's incisive skills, including his ability to elicit negative thoughts and transform them into positive and extraordinary realities, have been compared to "brain surgery." With these tools, Martin has supported couples and partners in moving into the next phase of their lives. Called the “Guru of Gender Balancing,” Cohen coaches women and men through a language-based gender balancing process, which uncovers innate energies that have been hidden over time.

MY PROCESS: “I am powerfully grounded in my assertion that there is a woman and man within all of us. I am committed to correcting the imbalance that exists in humanity, ultimately declaring a universal peace among women and men.”