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Natasha Royt

My name is: Natasha Royt. 

I known for being: A passionate and creative seeker.

Before this, I was: A stylist/creative director for Live The Process.

My expertise is in: Creating a lifestyle that merges the material with the spiritual.

My private process service is: Helping you live a sacred life. 

I’ll be helping you: At Live The Process, we believe that we are all works in progress, and it’s the awakening of self-awareness in our daily lives that, little by little, can change the frequency of our life experience. Perhaps we want to start by learning to style ourselves in a fresh and modern way that works within the parameters of our life. We have long celebrated the dancer-off-duty and Pilates-to-lunch style ethos that’s at once comfortable, stylish and pulled together. 

But, if you’re ready to dig a little deeper and are curious about spirituality and how to awaken your consciousness in divine connection to your body and higher self, then we have some exciting processes for you too: Learning how to live a more sacred life can start with a few simple new tools from daily sacred breathing practices to self-care rituals. This can lead to deep relationships, creativity and self-confidence, so you can move through life with more intuition and clarity.

Together, using strategies that are truly personal to you, we can discover the right tools that will help awaken your consciousness. 

A human connection is so important because: People have been passing along and sharing information, learning from one another, since the beginning of time; we are all energetically and telepathically connected beings. The transmission of teachings on a one-to-one basis allows for a much more personal and intimate experience of self-discovery.

My own meandering life’s journey has led me to many teachers, books, philosophies, practices and modalities that have combined to change the trajectory of my life. I am hungry to share my experiences with anyone who is seeking answers and ways to feel more inspired and connected.

My own process (in three words or less): Breathe, move, love.

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