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No matter how expert she becomes, Negin Niknejad’s pursuit of knowledge continues: The founder of organic, handmade skincare brand JustBe Skin Line is a licensed esthetician in California and New York, a graduate of the Aveda Institute New York City, a certified Usui Reiki and Lotus Palm Thai Yoga practitioner, a regular traveler to India (to deepen her study of Ayurveda and meditation) and is currently in the midst of a three-year long herbal apprenticeship. Still, for her pure, minimal and restorative healing style, she cites nature, in its simplicity and artfulness, as her most valuable teacher. Niknejad practices in New York City, specializing in problematic skin and a holistic approach that incorporates Ayurveda, nutrition, herbs, essential oils and crystals to encourage balance and nourishment in everyday life.

MY PROCESS: “I try to share my laughter with amazing, creative and like-minded souls. It is really important to be true to ourselves. The more I practice listening to my inner compass, the easier it gets. And the times I don’t listen, well, those are just as important. There is a lesson in everything.”

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