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The Pillars of Our Process

Like all of you, we are ever-changing. Our journey has endless twists and turns. To best Live The Process in this moment, we've isolated our four most definitive areas for personal development: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the transformational. By focusing on these, we may continually rise.

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Our bodies move us through the world. Here, we explore ways to nurture, heal and nourish our physical forms, harnessing the strength and beauty of movement and its ability to anchor us in the present.

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The Workout Within begins inside. Here, we discover ways to open ourselves up and heighten our senses, exploring new experiences, sensations, people and places to best tune into the world around us.

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Knowledge is power. To nourish our cerebral side, we mine the worlds of books, art, science, technology and more, learning how creative invention can manifest modern miracles and offer us a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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We are ever-evolving. To find our path, we draw on the journeys and rituals of others, seeing our truths reflected in the triumphs and pitfalls of human experience and reinventing as our best selves.

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